What you need to know about Texas Reopening

As the dust settles and states begin to look forward to reopening it’s time to think about what types of measures your bar, restaurant, or another establishment in Texas should do about reopening. Before reopening you should address concerns regarding sanitation and safety, employee education, liability, distancing, and continuing to … Read More

Steps to Reopening: Part 6 – Training

Before reopening it’s important that you purchase training and even conduct some training sessions.   Some important places to focus on include: State-recognized Alcohol Seller and Server Training ANSI recognized Food Handling Training Sanitization and Cleaning New House Policies Social Distancing   Alcohol Training Here at Serving Alcohol, we offer … Read More

Steps to Reopening: Part 5 – Social Distance

It would be best if you prepared your bar or restaurant before reopening to promote social distance. Then continue to make adjustments as necessary. You could even have it become a reoccurring topic of conversation during shift/company meetings.   Before Opening To social distance before opening: Move tables and chairs … Read More

Steps to Reopening: Part 4 – Clean and Sanitize

One of the most disruptive tasks to your typical workday (other than wearing a mask) will be the requirements to clean and sanitize areas frequently. In this article, we’ll discuss the tools, spaces, frequency, and ventilation process of cleaning that you should try and achieve. Many states have put out … Read More

Steps to Reopening: Part 3 – Proper Use of PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) provides a safety barrier between the user and a contaminate. In the case of restaurant and bar workers, these tools can help ensure safety between you and an individual who is sick and doesn’t know it. In a previous article, we discussed taking a customer’s temperature … Read More

Steps to Reopening: Part 1 – Personal Hygiene

To help facilitate the reopening process and assist in the training process, we’ll be offering a free PowerPoint presentation that has been made available with this *information. That is free to download and reuse.   In this series of articles, we’ll be going over the necessary steps to reopening your … Read More

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