Wisconsin State Fair Requires Responsible Alcohol Seller-Server Training

Alcohol Service Training for Employees Mission Statement: To actively promote the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at Wisconsin State Fair Park while maintaining a safe and friendly family atmosphere at the Park. In an effort to keep consistent with our Mission Statement, Wisconsin State Fair Park has adopted … Read More

Wisconsin alcohol sales must be face to face

According to Wisconsin Law, statue 125.51(6), 125.272 alcohol beverage sales must be made face to face with buyer and seller both physically present at the licensed premises. The exceptions have to do with hotel rooms and caterers. Here are a few scenarios that would likely be against the law: During … Read More

College student dies of apparent alcohol poisoning

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Source: AP Jul 13th Police say a University of Idaho senior died of respiratory arrest, apparently due to alcohol poisoning after a night of drinking to celebrate his 21st birthday. Emergency personnel responded to a report of an unconscious man at Sigma Nu fraternity at 2:42 a.m. Tuesday. They located … Read More