Who’s calling the shots?

Who’s calling the shots? Tavern owners want more regulation from the state in an increasingly competitive market By Katelyn Ferral Jul 3, 2019 Does the lack of public interdiction of political policy creates a problem for public safety and an opportunity for public danger?  Tragedy usually creates the need for lawful policy.        Wedding barns, … Read More

Are there prescription drugs that reduce the drive to drink?

Presented to you by www.ServingAlcohol.com Scientists have shown that a drug that normalizes dopamine levels in the brain can reduce alcohol cravings in people dependent on drink. The finding was based on two studies, one conducted on people and one on rats. In the human trial, patients who took the … Read More

Drinking After 40: Why Hangovers Hit Harder

The Reasons Moderate Alcohol Consumption Gets More Complicated in Middle Age Source: WSJ Andrea Petersen Nov. 18, 2013 When you’re in your 40s, it’s pretty common to need reading glasses. You might need smaller wine glasses, too. That’s because alcohol hits people harder in their 40s and 50s than it did … Read More

Underage Alcohol Use: Infused Gummy Bears

Although this is nothing ‘new’ it has been getting a lot of press lately. We are posting this only to raise the awareness of the alcohol sellers and servers that control environments where underage persons may use this approach to hide alcohol use. Here is a link to one of … Read More

Phusion Projects defends Four Loko criticism

Statement Regarding Incident at Central Washington University October 26, 2010 No one is more upset than we are when our products are abused or consumed illegally by underage drinkers – and it appears that both happened in this instance. This is unacceptable. But so too is placing blame for the … Read More

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