How to Start Your Course

A Step-by-Step Guide to Register Online for Our Courses Following this simple guideline will help avoid problems in the registration process and ensure faster response to begin. Please consider the following instructions to complete your registration:  To Start and Enroll into your course, follow these steps: Click on our homepage … Read More

How To Setup Account and Enroll

This 4 minute video tutorial demonstrates how to: Setup and register your account Use your business account enrollment key or Make a payment with credit card or PayPal account Start your training course and 5 sections within

8 Medicines That Don't Mix With Alcohol

An alcoholic beverage every now and then may be just what the doctor ordered — unless you’re taking certain medications. Downing a drink when you’re taking these drugs may produce dangerous side effects — and your risk increases as you age. Not only does the body get slower at eliminating … Read More

This is the most popular liquor in the world –

Nope, it’s not vodka or whiskey. It’s baijiu. The back story: What’s the world’s biggest-selling spirits category? You’re probably thinking whiskey. Or vodka. It’s actually baijiu (pronounced bye-jo), a Chinese sip, made from grains (typically sorghum), that accounts for $23 billion in sales annually, according to a research report from … Read More

How To Get Your Wisconsin Bartender License

Learn how to get your Wisconsin bartender license easily. We list the steps that include if you a felon to get a bartending license in Wisconsin.… Read More