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Kentucky: Beer, hard liquor at State parks creates concern

Kentucky: Beer, hard liquor at State parks creates concern
Source: WPSD
Reporter – Jason Hibbs
Jun 15, 2011 at 9:21 PM CDT

For years now, folks have brought alcohol into state parks but soon you’ll be able to buy booze in some of Kentucky’s State Parks.

Some folks vacationing at Lake Barkley State Resort Park, which will be one of the first to serve alcoholic beverages, said it’s about time but others say they don’t want beer and hard liquor served at a place where they take their families.
For the parks, It comes down to dollars and cents. A parks spokesperson says giving visitors the ability to buy booze on location will mean more business for a park system that’s hurting financially.
But some say the “booze for business” model might backfire.
For some visiting the Lake Barkley State Resort Park, their on-site drink selection leaves a little to be desired but soon that will change.
Harvey Chaney is from eastern Kentucky and said he brought in booze. He thinks serving spirits would help park business.
“A lot of people, if they can’t have a beer they won’t go, especially where I’m from, Pike County,” Chaney said.
Others disagree.
“It’s gonna cause problems, you know that, alcohol causes problems,” said fisherman Victor Brown.
Brown disagrees with the state’s decision and said while alcohol sales will generate money, it’ll also generate trouble.
“When a person gets drunk or something like that, they gotta drive, D.U.I.s. They gotta go home,” Brown said.
A spokesperson said the restaurant is one of the only places where you can get hard liquor, however beer Will be served throughout the resort.
And it’s already here. Most folks near the pool had a beer in hand.
Regardless of whether park-goers like it or not, step aside soda. Alcohol is on its way.
The parks spokesperson said it’ll likely be months before the liquor license is approved. They hope to start serving before the end of the summer.
The spokesperson said 5 out of 51 Kentucky state parks will apply for a liquor license. Those are the parks in wet counties.