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Florida Responsible Vendor / Bartender License

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Florida Responsible Vendor Serving Alcohol Training - Florida Bartender License

The statutes for Florida bartender license that pertain to Responsible Vendor Training are Chapters 561.701, 561.702, 561.703, 561.705, and 561.706.

Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol Training

As the owner or manager of an alcohol serving establishment, you can participate in the Florida Responsible Vendor Alcohol Service Training for alcohol certification program. The statutes to train and initiate Florida bartender license for your staff are listed below and within our courses. We give you the tools to accomplish each of the requirements.

If you are interested in the Responsible Vendor Program, you can use our courses to comply with insurance carrier Responsible Alcohol Manager and Server Training requirements.

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I enjoyed the course and I feel well informed.

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GREAT course! I didn't realize how much I didn't know about the laws, the best way to handle "impaired" people, tips and importance of preventing opportunity of risk, and ways to keep myself (and employer) out of trouble. Thank you! I am feeling much more confident about my upcoming interviews!

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