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Tennessee Responsible Vendors Act

According to the Associated Press, everyone in the state of Tennessee is subject to showing ID for beer purchases. This is the state’s effort to prevent underage drinking. The Tennessee’s Responsible Vendor Act was instated Sunday, and is the first of its kind in the nation.

Tennessee has instated a mandatory universal carding process for all off-premise sales, the law states that anyone attempting to purchase beer in a grocery or convenience store must show identification. The law has been put in place to help alleviate the confusion of age, and is supposed to make the jobs of retail clerks easier. However, while making it easier on retail clerks, it separates the standard for restaurants and bars from those of convenience stores and grocers.

With the Responsible Vendor Act, convenience stores and grocers are mandated to receive extensive training pertaining to beer sales. These vendors must also participate in a certification program which is to be annually renewed.

The law does not cover liquor, wine, or beer purchases in bars. Vendors also cannot face license revocation for first offenses, and fines are lower than before the Responsible Vendor’s Act was set into motion. Fines under this act can be no more than $1000, and hearings with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission are scheduled as necessary. License revocation is still possible under the Responsible Vendors Act , and can be expedited if an offense warrants such action.

In addition to visually checking ID, some convenience stores have initiated the use of computerized scanners for ID. This method not only verifies age of the consumer, but also makes note of the driver’s license or state ID number. This can make access to the purchaser’s address more accessible in the event of crime.

The new law is set to be enforced for the next year, and it’s effectively will be reviewed before determining if it will be permanent.

Lucas L. Johnson ll for the Associated Press- ” Everyone Shows Id for Beer in Tenn.”
Learn more about your training options for the Tennessee Responsible Vendors Act.

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